Summer in Traverse City

Summer is the busiest time at the resort and its easy to see why. With the beautiful warm summer weather and feeling the morning breeze from Spider Lake, why wouldn’t you want to wake up here?

There are also many things to do during the summer, not only at the resort, but in down town Traverse City, MI. Check out the link below for events, activities and fun stuff to do in the area during your stay.

The Cherry Festival in Traverse City is the biggest event that the town has every year and is always hosted around the 4th of July. Come enjoy the taste of some homegrown local cherries and all the things delicious that can be made with them. If you are a fan of cherries…. this will be an event to see! (Book ahead of time during this time of the year. Bookings fill up quick and in advance)

The other big event that happens every summer is the Traverse City Film Festival. It’s typically held near the end of July / beginning of August for a whole weekend. If you have never been to film festival, this would be a great introduction into that world. There are films from every type of genre and all someone’s creation of art. It’s a weekend you won’t forget!